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Our mission

A picture is worth a thousand words...

We want to ensure that companies and organizations can use images and videos to create effective and visual communication without being fined.

Our goal has been to create a system that automates many of the processes that often becomes a major headache for companies. At the same time, it is important for us to create transparency and the opportunity for individuals to easily see what they consent to and give them the opportunity to be forgotten, without it becoming a hassle for companies.

Jesper Sandberg
CEO & Founding Partner
Nanna Bentel
Strategic director & Founding Partner
Christian Lund
Digital Manager
Anders Hedegaard Nielsen
Isabella Lyngholm
Digital Marketing Manager
Mathias Meinert
Digital Designer
Kevin H. Olsen
Lead Developer
Lotte Jensen
Morten Østerlund
Magnus Melin
Brit Nøhr

Do you keep track of your Statements of Consent?

Automatic retrieval, renewal and link between selfies, consent statements and images.
Erstat billeder
Easily and quickly withdraw and replace images from your platforms upon consent expiration.
Advanced person tagging and auto-match for identifying people and matching with consent.

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