MediaConsent is your security for GDPR compliant consent templates

Safe and GDPR compliant Consent Management hosted in Denmark

MediaConsent is a customized, modern and professional system for obtaining, linking and renewing consent on your photos and videos. By choosing MediaConsent, you are assured that employees in your company will never use image, audio or any video material without consent or with an expired consent.

User-friendly system

When you use MediaConsent to link, obtain and renew consent on images, audio and videos, a lot of work processes are automated so that you both save a lot of time and worries about consent handling and ensure that no images are used without consent. Our automatic and advanced person tagging and auto-match can identify, recognize and auto-suggest people (via selfies) in images.

GDPR Compliant Templates & Examples of Consent Declarations

In MediaConsent, you can create and send consent statements to people in your photos in less than two minutes. The system has GDPR compliant templates for quick creation of consent declarations. That way you can avoid unnecessary worries and consent.

Do you keep track of your Statements of Consent?

Automatic retrieval, renewal and linking of consent statements and images.
Erstat billeder
Withdraw and replace images easy and quickly from all your platforms when consent expires.
Advanced person tagging and auto-match for identifying people and matching with consent.

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