When and how often should information be deleted?

What does it mean that people have the “right to be forgotten”? And how should companies respond to requests from people who would like to delete information? Read more about the right to be forgotten here …

Individuals must ALWAYS give consent that you, as a company, may use their pictures, including:

  • In which contexts you must use their pictures.
  • How long the consent is in effect (maximum 5 years) before it must be renewed.

As a company, this also means that all people who can be identified in pictures are entitled to:

  • Gaining knowledge of all the pictures you have with them.
  • To change the terms of consent at any time.
  • To withdraw their consent (the right to be forgotten).

In these cases, it is crucial that you as a company have complete control over your deletion and handover procedures, so that you can locate all images, hand them out and possibly. delete and replace them with other images across your various channels (e.g., website, Facebook, intranet, etc.).

It can quickly become a big logistical job to have continuous manual tracking on all those parameters. However, it is not necessary if, as a company, you simply want to ensure that all images are stored securely and in accordance with GDPR, can be deleted and replaced, and automatically send consent renewals to people upon expiration. With MediaConsent, you get a unified system that can manage and automate all of your consent management, deletion and renewal.

Read more about MediaConsent here.