Statements of consent for use of images and video

Do you need to obtain statements of consent from all persons in pictures or films? And how do you manage all that data?

GDPR is designed to protect citizens’ right to their own data (including pictures and video). The reason that images and video are protected by GDPR is that they can be categorized as being personally identifiable, that is, people can be recognized on the basis of images and video material.

Pictures and videos must therefore always be taken with the consent of the persons who may be present on the material. A consent must always have an expiry of time, usually 3-5 years.

Statement of Consent and Copyright?

However, the use of photo and video material from photographers and others for, for example, publishing is viewed in a different way. When images and video are used in this regard, Copyright can take precedent, though still taking into account the consent of persons in the images. So we never quite get around that consent is needed when there are people in pictures and video.

However, we have the solution! With MediaConsent you get a system for obtaining, renewing and linking statements of consent for images, audio and video files. Through person tagging and auto-match, the system can automatically match users with the images they are visible on. Upon expiry of a consent, the system sends a request for renewal of the consent to the user. If the user does not renew or does withdraw the consent, you can quickly, through our log and tracking, locate where images with the user is used and replace them with other images.

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