Let go of all your concerns about statements of consent on visuals

How long was it that we were allowed to use that picture on Facebook? Do you know the feeling? Or have you not yet gained a foothold with the statements of consent on pictures and video files? Do not fear, help is here!


What was the deal with those Statements of Consent?

According to GDPR, consent must be obtained from the person or persons dealing with the information or the storage of all personally identifiable information. It also includes both portrait and situational images where individuals can be identified.

As a company and “data controller”, it is your job to obtain, validate and renew the statements of consent from the individuals concerned. If a person does not consent to the use of an image or withdraws a consent they have previously provided, it is your responsibility to find all places where the image or images have been used and remove and / or replace the image with another.


But how?

It may sound like a big job to keep track of all the different consents, both internally on employees and externally on photo taken at trade shows, for conferences, events or in other contexts, and that can quickly become that.

MediaConsent is a tool for easy creation and sharing of digital consent (based on GDPR compliant templates). The system ensures all consent management, e.g. via person tagging and auto-match that matches consent, user profiles and images into a database for your business. Here you can automate many of the administrative processes, for example:

  • Automatic renewal of consent by auto-sending of mails or text messages to users when a consent expires.
  • Automatically tagging and matching people (selfies), consents, and photos via person tagging and auto-match.
  • Integration into your CMS system so you can easily track and replace images with expired or withdrawn consent.
  • Automatic and date-managed erasure that deletes images based on expiration date.
  • Reminders upon expiration of consent.
  • Synchronizing employee lists from your HR database or AD (Active directory) so that all employees are automatically created and promoted for consent.
  • Self-service app for mobile and tablet so user data and images are entered directly into the system.

Read more about MediaConsent here.