Selected features

Date Management, Tagging & Consent Templates makes GDPR a breeze

Get control of you Consents
Automated Consent Management
Intelligent & simple retrieval, renewal and link of selfies, consent, pictures and video with:
ADFS Single Sign-on
An AD-integration ensures that everyone in your organization has the correct access to the system only during employment
Administration cockpit
The daily tool for obtaining and managing all consents and user profiles across the company
Advanced search and filters
Advanced media search across various consent forms, folders and usage rights
Auto-renewal of consent
Automatic consent renewal trough auto-sending of notifications on SMS and e-mail when consent expires
Auto-tagging people
Auto-match + easy manual tagging ensures linking of images, selfies and consents via person tagging and auto-match
CMS Integration
With an automatic integration to your CMS, you get easy access to approved images. When a consent expires the image is automatically withdrawn
Templates for consent
Quickly create consent forms with GDPR-approved templates. Create different examples of templates for use at events, conferences etc.
CRM Integration
Integration to your CRM user databases for auto-creation and synchronization of users
Date control & auto-delete
Statement of consent is automatically renewed by date-controlled mail and SMS messages. If desired, the system can auto-delete files upon expiration or withdrawal of consent
Landing pages for consent
Get your own stylish landing pages for easy collecting of user data, signature and consent agreement
Digital photo showroom
Fullscreen gallery for presenting, sharing and downloading your media files with statistics and commentary feature
File sharing in seconds
Select, edit & share your media files in seconds via direct encrypted links or user login
HR Sync – Consent & employees
HR synchronization of employee lists, auto-creation and retrieval, and consent management
Image bank with differentiated access
Assign differentiated user rights, allowing users to access different media files depending on the rights and consent requirements of files
Image editing & easy crop tool
Export images in final pre-defined format to web, Instagram, Facebook, Powerpoint, etc.
Upload existing consent forms
If you have consent forms in physical form or PDF, you can easily upload them and link them to users and images
Photographer Consent App
Mobile and tablet app for easy registration and binding of consent and pictures via person tagging and auto-match in photo
Self-service module
Interface where profiles tagged on images via self-service can renew, validate and deselect images with consent
SMS & mail notification flow
The notification flow ensures daily continuous collection and renewal of expired consents
Tablet app for events
With our self-service app for tablets, users can create a profile, take a selfie and give consent at events, conferences etc.
Tracking, statistics & logs
With Consent Media, you always know where images have been used so they can be easily removed and replaced if consent is withdrawn
Do what you do best and let the system do the rest

Never worry about using and creating digital communication

MediaConsent gives you the complete overview over which individuals who are on your photos and videos and links them with their consent agreements. With automatic person recognition and tagging you only need to tag a person once, the rest of the time the system does it for you.

All your files are stored in a system that lives up to all aspects of the GDPR and with GDPR-approved templates for consent it is easy to collect, renew and bind consent from individuals. If you already have consent forms stored physically or in PDF, you can upload them to MediaConsent and bind them to pictures.

Keep track of your Consents - Easy & quickly

We'll help you get started

Consent management can easily become a big and very difficult project in many companies. We’ve made it simple with a super user-friendly system that automates large parts of the process for you. That’s why we also make it easy to get started.

Our packages always include onboarding to ensure successful and easy deployment for you. Of course, you also always have access to our 24/7 chat and phone support.

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Do you keep track of your consent agreements?

Automatic retrieval, renewal and linking of consent agreements and images.
Erstat billeder
Withdraw and replace images easy and quickly from all your platforms when consent expires.
Advanced person tagging and auto-match for identifying people and matching with consent.

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